Public transportation is crucial for any community to thrive. It’s a quality of life!

South Dade is growing in numbers and fast and we need transit to get us to our jobs and schools.

What we have now is old and decrepit and not even designed to handle our growth or even readily accessible to us down south.

We need to take back control of our invested dollars that we voted on to 

modernize and expand our metro rail and buses so we have quality transportation options.




An affordable home, is more than a just a place, more than just a roof over our heads, it’s our safety net.

Where we raise our children, where we make long lasting memories that our children tell our grandchildren.

Each and everyone one of us from when we were kids longed and dreamt of our own home.

Yet even with our federal and state government spending 200 billion to support housing, there are still

families that cannot find or hold on to a home. 

We are allowing developers to buy out and build what’s profitable to

them and not what’s in the best interest of our community. We need to make sure that resources meant for affordable housing does just that and make it really affordable not just say that it is.




Public education is one of the most important things in our society, and yet it’s being gutted and devalued.

We need to make sure we give our teachers the proper resources, such as books, curriculum and pay. 

Our kids are the future, but we need to give them opportunity. We need summer programs back in place.

I want to bring a vocational school to our district, so our youth have other opportunities other than college.

I will make it a priority to protect our children from harmful policies that are imposed on us.








 Our officers must meet the needs of the community it serves, so both the community and the officers understand the social and economic hardships of the community. We need more investment in technology as "Shotfinder" We need more awareness in gun safety.

Every 17 hrs. someone gets shot and 20% of gunshot victims are underage.