About Me...

From the beginning


Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, migrated to N.Y.C. at a young age. My dad was a gypsy cab driver and my mom cleaned offices at night and went to school at night. Graduated from E.N.Y. Vocational Technical H.S. and right after at the age of 17 I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, as the picture shows I am a Sonar Technician Third Class. Which has led me to be a licensed electrician.

My family


29 years ago, I was lucky to meet the love of my life Bobbi. With five children, my oldest son Leo graduating with a BAS in Anthropology, my daughter Christina has a MBA from FIU, Jessica who has blessed me with a wonderful grandson, Johnny Jr. who is studying law at MDC, and my youngest son Christopher in high school. 



I am always ready to be the voice for the people and represent my community with integrity and value. Never forgetting my commitment to public service.