There are many issues burdening us today, my top two priorities are ''infrastructure' and 'the budget'. Our roads, highways, traffic, tolls, and a lack of public transportation needs to be addressed. These are the fundamental elements of our quality of life. Secondly, that allocation of funds gets distributed fairly and goes to what it is intended while making sure that our police, fire, teachers, and county employees are protected.

"Our street, roads, traffic, tolls, and a lack of public transportation needs to be addressed. These are the fundamental elements to our quality of life."

Although I am highlighting these two main topics, I do have other concerns. There are many other issues we face as a community, and I am here to make as many changes to benefit our way of life. If we don't elect the right candidate our voices will remain muted, and we will never be heard!

Take a look at everyone around you, what you see are hardworking members of your community trying to work together to survive. People who wake up at the break of dawn, people who sit in traffic for hours, people who work in the hot sun, people who live and breathe within this community. You are the ones who keep this community thriving, and you deserve for your community to help you thrive in the same respect. We need to thrive together.

Help me get elected because I will help the community, I will help you. I will fight for our lives, this is our home, this is our community!

In order to get a better understanding of my platform, the issues are all detailed below.

"All local issues that plague us and I am committed to fight for."

As commissioner, I will fight for each and every item I have here listed!!!

  • Jobs - Trade schools, 1Yr. Loophole, Incubators
  • Tolls - Discount and Earmark for South Dade
  • Transportation - Rail, Rail, Rail
  • Infrastructure - Traffic lights, potholes, septic, and well water
  • Safety - ShotSpotter and more saturation of cameras
  • Education - Resources for teachers and students. Stop the building of Charter Schools
  • CDBG - capital improvements, public services, economic development, job creation
    Housing - More workforce housing, lessen incentives for greater opportunities

JOBS 1.0 (Tradesmen)

There was a time when licensed tradesmen such as an electrician, plumber and mechanical air conditioning were important to have on job sites. They were proud to be cardholders (licenses), pay was good, and jobs were supervised by qualified individuals. The mandate of having licensed tradesmen on the job was lobbied and it was obsolete.

When this happened, it caused several situations. First, it devalued all those licensed journeymen, so they were considered null and void and equal to those non-licensed. Secondly, it stopped individuals seeking to better themselves to get a journeymen license in any of the three trades so that also stopped the revenue of what the license used to bring in. Third, it stopped qualified persons supervising jobs, those who studied and paid to get their license in the field they were working in. Also, what didn't change was the cost of construction because the consumer never felt the difference in construction costs.

Bringing the requirement of the journeymen license will bring back revenue, both to the county and to the cardholders. It will re-establish accountability in supervising field work again. This will spark and invigorate those tradesmen to get their journeymen's license, as a result improving everyone's quality of life.

"Life is difficult as it is, We all have challenges, we all encounter obstacles. Even then, we all have the resilience and the ability to make a good life for ourselves and our family. We need to help our neighbor as we were helped at one time"


JOBS 2.0 (1 Yr. Loophole)

We have county-funded construction projects, there is no reason to outsource these jobs to companies that are not local. So why they hire non-local companies to win such projects when there are qualified local companies. Let's help our own local companies to get awarded these projects. We can raise the percentage of hiring local workers to a much higher standard. It's our money, we control it so let's do that. "Residents First" county ordinance 14-26 states that any county-funded construction project over one million dollars has a minimum of 51% of local workers.

Unfortunately, the loophole allows anyone to show a rental agreement and that gives them enough to apply for a Florida I.D. which fills the requirement of "Residents First". We need to strengthen this rule, we all know that for years now companies are working around that. For example, make it a requirement that the workers need to be a resident for more than one year. This will open the opportunity for our actual residents to have the opportunity of employment.

JOBS 3.0 (Incubators)

We can create jobs by incentives to existing businesses and for creating new businesses. We can start incubators in Homestead and Florida City. Some good examples are The LAB Miami, Pipeline Brickell, MiamiShared, Miami Innovation Center, HUBB Coworking and CIC Miami these locations are all north from us. We need these services in the south!


Our roads are under construction every day it seems to never end. There are areas that need street lights, while other areas have lights, but the lights are not on. Yet we settle for this and we should not. In some areas, I have heard we need bridges to divert the accumulation of traffic, we need to investigate this as well.

There are potholes we dodge to avoid the damage to our vehicles (which we repair with our own money).

"We continue to build and build but our infrastructure keeps falling behind more and more."

There are homes that still have septic tanks and well water that should be connected to city or county water and sewer, yet they are not, and the homeowners are paying fees on their tax bill. (Double taxation?) FYI (You still pay even if you're not connected) Let's start on our infrastructure so our quality of life conforms with what we are paying for.

Tolls & Transportation


Our first question should be why did MDX only install tolls on all southbound routes and not the north. For this someone needs to be accountable for that! There are no MDX tolls north of Flagler, so basically, South Dade funds this allotment of money.

Well, there are two things I will propose as a Commissioner.

  1. A Dade County Resident discount program. Why are we funding the tolls and paying as if we were tourists in our own backyard?
  2. A percentage of the tolls collected must be earmarked for South Dade only. Remember that they sold the illusion of MDX to us because we were paying tolls to FDOT and most of the funds were going up north, so this is the same scenario except we want to allow it for South Dade.

"There is no question about it -



Public transportation is crucial for any community to thrive. It's a quality of life. South Dade is growing in numbers and fast, we need transit to get us to our jobs, schools, and social activities.

What we have now is old and decrepit, it is not even designed to handle our growth. The public transportation is not accessible down south. We need to take back control of our invested dollars that we voted on to modernize and expand our metro rail and buses so we have quality transportation options.

Safety - Community & Officers

Our officers must meet the needs of the community it serves, so both the community and the officers understand the social and economic hardships of the community. We need to hold all our officers accountable and to a higher standard because of their duties they signed up for.

At the same time, the community must do its part and help. We must adopt the mantra "see something, say something" so those that commit a crime don't go unpunished. Our community must stand together, as the saying goes "It takes a village".

"Every 17 hours, someone gets shot and 20% of gunshot victims are 18 and under."

We need more awareness in gun safety, handling, and storage for those that legally have a firearm.

We need more investment in technology as "Shot Spotter", a gunshot detection system.

I would saturate areas that are identified as hot spots with cameras. The technology is there we just need a champion to push this forward.


We need to make sure we give our teachers the proper resources, such as books, curriculum, and wages. Our kids are the future, but we need to give them an opportunity. We need summer programs back in place.

I want to bring a tradesmen school to our district, so our youth have opportunities other than college. I will make it a priority to protect our children from harmful policies that are imposed on us.


"Public education is one of the most important things in our society, and yet it's being gutted and devalued."



CDBG Funds

Also known as - Community Development Block Grants.

These are federal funds we receive for public facilities, capital improvements, public services but also for economic development.

"We need to make sure the money is allocated properly and distributed fairly were where it is needed."

CDBG funds can be used for community development activities (such as real estate acquisition, relocation, demolition, rehabilitation of housing and commercial buildings), construction of public facilities and improvements (such as water, sewer, and other utilities, street paving, and sidewalks), construction and maintenance of neighborhood centers, and the conversion of school buildings, public services, and economic development and job creation/retention activities.

CDBG funds can also be used for the preservation and restoration of historic properties in low-income neighborhoods.



A home is more than just a place, more than just a roof over our heads, it's our safety net. Each and everyone one of us from when we were kids longed and dreamt of owning a home.

"This is where we raise our children, where we make long lasting memories that our children tell our grandchildren about."


We need to make sure that resources meant for affordable housing are just that and make it affordable not just say that it is.