Meet Johnny

Johnny G. Farias

Johnny G. Farias

For Miami-Dade Commissioner District 9

Ecuadorian-born, licensed electrician and U.S. Navy veteran, Johnny G. Farias is seeking to serve the South Dade community as the next Miami-Dade County Commissioner District 9, August 18, 2020.

Johnny, who currently serves as a Vice-Chair of Miami-Dade County Community Council of District 15, Subarea 154, which encompasses commission district 9, has been a licensed electrician for over 20 years and holds an A.S. in political science from Miami Dade College.  He has been an active community member through many local organizations, such as Centro Campesino (Board Member), Liga Ecuatoriana de Florida (member), NAACP (member), South Dade Democratic Black Caucus-Ron Brown Chapter (member), Shriners, Scottish Rite, and a Mason. He also sits on several EESAC Boards; Everglades Preparatory High School and McArthur Senior High. He was also a Guardian at Litem from 2006 to 2012 and a Girl Scout Leader for twelve years (1993 - 2006).

Johnny is a husband and father of five. He is committed to ensuring that South Dade residents don't get overlooked when distributing county resources. He brings to the table the heart, determination and practical experiences of the common worker and welcomes the challenge of earning the votes of his community.


Humble Roots

Born originally in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Johnny and his parents immigrated to Brooklyn, New York when he was five years old.  He showed an early love for education, testing out of 4th Grade and coming in 2nd place at the Brooklyn District Spelling Bee. He also showed an early love for community service, distinguishing himself as an Eagle Scout and tutoring other students for the SAT as a senior at East New York Vocational Technical High School.

Johnny's dedication to community and country led to his enlistment to the U.S. Navy after graduation at the age of 17. He would go on to serve 6 years in the armed forces, where he began a career in the electronics field as a sonar technician.

The U.S. Navy brought Johnny to Homestead in 1992. He fell in love with the Miami-Dade; decided that this would be home and where he would raise his children.

A Familiar Local Small Business Owner

Johnny has been a licensed electrician for over 20 years, starting his own company, Electrical Masters LLC in 2004 and working on several commercial, community and government projects across Miami Dade County.  Those projects include restaurants like Talavera, Los Ranchos, and SUVI; Miami Beach hotels like the Fairwinds, Haddon Hall, and Royal Palm and places of worship like Alpha Omega Church, LifePoint Church, and Richmond Heights Resource Center.

Johnny is proud of the pro-bono work that he has offered over the years, including the work done after Hurricane Andrew, when out-of-state contractors abandoned the rehabbing of eleven homes. His current company, Electrical Masters, has also donated time and labor for recent clean-up efforts from Hurricane Irene to Irma, as well as contributing to other community efforts, including the electrical work for a new computer lab at the Richmond Heights Resource Center.

Council Achievements

Johnny was elected as the Vice-Chair of the Miami-Dade Community Council for District 15, Subarea 154 by his peers in 2019. As a member of the Council, he has held community meetings and public forums on local issues that most concern residents, including transportation, jobs, crime, and housing. He has been a voice against county and state legislation that places an unfair burden on the residents. Johnny worked with state legislators to get a study on the elimination of jobs due to artificial intelligence (HB 571), worked with several county commissioners on attempting to acquire wheelchair swings for parks and a resolution to have nurses considered as first responders.

Family Man & Vision

Johnny has been married for 29 years to his wife Bobbi and has five children ranging from 30 to 17 and a four-year-old grandson, Adonis. He is running for County Commissioner because he wants to ensure that every South Dade resident can succeed.

As Johnny writes:

"There are so much talent and potential in South Dade, we are the future of Miami-Dade County. That is why it is important to elect a commissioner who knows what the community needs, one who is accessible to their constituents. I am running for a county commissioner to be your voice and address your concerns. I know that if we work together, we can move South Dade forward.

As your commissioner, I will fight for opportunities that will make the community and families thrive and provide a better quality of life. Providing a chance for the children to get their fair shot, have a path, and a safe environment where they live, get their education and play.

But this won't happen by itself. We can make it happen if we step up and make our voices heard."

   My name is Johnny G. Farias, I am ready to serve